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Marketing agency
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A content marketing and copywriting agency. We mainly specialize in creating content for the following industries:

Home & Garden, Beauty & Health, Finance & Business, RTV & AGD, e-commerce, HR & Business, Fashion & Design.

If you need support in creating an article, have products to be described in an online store, and are looking for a company that will write content for your website or runs a blog on it – you have come to the very right place.

Our team comprises committed and creative graduates of Polish, Classical and English Philology, Psychology, and Journalism.

We gladly share our knowledge by publicizing articles on the web portals and in industry magazines and participating in events and trades.

Conture consists of primarily professional copywriters with experience gained for years in the industry who create unique content at a high level. Each of us knows the field of SEO copywriting.

Marketing content and SEO copywriting.

We create optimized content for SEO. We know current Google algorithms, format the content appropriately, and use linking.

Our texts affect better placement in search engines, and in consequence, it increases website visibility.

We focus on words that sell, that’s why we use the AIDA model and benefits language.

We write unique, engaging, and above all, efficient products, categories, and online store descriptions.

Likewise, we are familiar with writing substantive expert, specialized articles, and efficient commercial and lifestyle texts.

Furthermore, we keep updating the content on websites and platforms and format it in the editor following the highest standards related to SEO.

We run blogs, create content for commercial offers and websites as well as edit existing texts in terms of stylistic, substantive, and SEO.


Thanks to advance action plans and a fixed schedule, we can produce a lot of content in a short time.

According to the standard.

Our work is based on a brief in which the client specifies concrete guidelines of the project and the goal we have to achieve.


Punctuality is our advantage. We always set the deadline for the order in advance and do our best to get this completed even before the set date.

With a project approach.

For each task, the dedicated caregiver is delegated who is responsible for the project – in terms of both customer service and execution – creative department.


We have an individual approach to our customers’ needs.


We create reports based on the produced content and regularly summarize our activities.


We are involved in every project, which is why the content we create is of high quality, and thus provides content that is attractive to recipients.

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust is the engine of sales.”

Andrew Davis