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Content marketing agency

We believe in the power of words – we create content that sells!

We write compelling descriptions of products and categories that increase website visibility and conversion.

The times of force-packed phrases and low-quality texts created exclusively for SEO are over. The key is to create unique content that stands out from other online stores.

 We know what good content marketing is, how to choose the right keywords

and naturally, weave them in the content – so they remain unnoticed by the recipient but are visible to Google’s algorithms.

We write blog, industry, advertising, expert, and press articles that naturally enrich the company’s website and provide recipients with knowledge.

We skillfully use the language of benefits, presenting advantages in a non-intrusive way. We create content that engages readers and encourages them to familiarize themselves with the company’s offer.

Use the support of our agency and see how the power of the written word takes your marketing and sales to the next level.

We successfully combine a creative message with effective SEO copywriting.

Google’s algorithms negatively assess low-quality content. Professional content guarantees more interest and conversion.

Website content should encourage people to get acquainted with the offer and engage recipients to stay on the website for longer. Good texts for a website can significantly increase its visibility.

Does your company operate internationally or plan to extend the offer outside our country?

Or maybe you need content in a foreign language and support in translating the text?

Choose the help of professional and experienced translators!

Nothing works on the imagination like good graphics or video. Combined with high-quality content – they form a duo that cannot be ignored.

An eye-catching logo, modern roll-up, consistent presentation for the client, or engaging video? Tell us what you need, and we will create content that will positively affect the recognition and success of your brand.

Video content is gaining more and more popularity. Stand out and focus on materials that will be remembered by recipients and increase their interest.

Effective content

Each of our texts is unique and meets the expectations of readers, the needs of which we can listen to.

Unique content guarantees more traffic to the website and interest in the brand, which, thanks to exciting and engaging content, is perceived by customers as more valuable.

Agencja Copywritingu

We know what good content marketing and SEO copywriting is

We create engaging content that is a valuable source of information, as well as answering specific questions from readers – in a word: the content consumers currently expect.

We successfully combine a creative message and effective SEO copywriting.

Content Marketing – what does good content give?

  • increase in brand recognition: increased website visibility,
  • building the brand image through substantive articles and engaging descriptions for SEO,
  • organic traffic with content valuable to recipients,
  • positioning in line with Google’s guidelines for relevant keywords,
  • the trust and commitment of your readers, who you will soon turn into your customers,
  • credible and unobtrusive advertising that customers now value the most.

Why Conture Marketing Agency?

Check out our content marketing agency and see that we create content that readers and Google algorithms appreciate.

Our texts will give your brand a clear outline.

We know what good content marketing and professional copywriting are,

we create unique and high-quality texts considering the principles of SEO, the language of benefits, and the AIDA model – drawing attention,

arousing interest, arousing desire, and inducing to act (purchase).

We focus on the strength of words and good texts that sell. Thanks to our experience in creating content for many industries, we are able to effectively recognize the needs and create content tailored to the expectations of our clients and their recipients.

Our activities help build a community and strengthen readers’ loyalty.

We adhere to the principle that good communication is the basis of appropriate needs research, on the basis of which valuable texts can be created that will increase the visibility of your website and attract new customers.

Conture Content Marketing in numbers

We create for the following industries: E-commerce, Home & Garden, Beauty & Health, HR & Business, Finance & Banking, Fashion & Design, RTV & AGD.

We write product and category descriptions, blog articles, expert and industry articles, website content, advertising texts, and SEO copywriting texts. We run our clients’ blogs.

We create inspiring graphics and videos.

We translate texts into various languages, including English, German, French, and Italian.

million characters per month
leading industries
regular clients
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Content Marketing Agency in Poznań

Do you want your offer to become more recognizable in a given city? Or maybe you would like to reach customers from all over Poland? Come to our professional marketing agency!

We will create creative, unique, and engaging content for you, which will comply with the current SEO principles.

Do you want to know the prices of services? Check our copywriting price list.

We keep our finger on the pulse and follow all innovations in the industry. Writing texts on request is not only our job but, above all, our passion.

Many satisfied clients and the monthly number of written characters are the best proof that is copywriting has no secrets from us. Our offer is directed to clients in Poznań, Warsaw, Wrocław, Kraków, Gdańsk, Łódź, and all over Poland.