How we work


How does the cooperation with Conture look like?
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What will you receive as part of the service?

Support a Sales Manager and a Project Manager – dedicated people who coordinate work, create a schedule, ensure deadlines are met, collect information about the order, and pass it on to the creative department.

On request, we attach a monthly summary of the number of written characters, commissioned content, and related costs to the invoice.

We periodically send reports summarizing the cooperation.

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Content manager and proofreader

In the Creative Department, each new order passes through the approval of the Content Manager, who verifies the guidelines and expectations of the client, and gives them to the appropriate copywriters specializing in the selected topic.

For larger projects and ongoing collaboration, the content manager creates a dedicated test task that allows us to make the right team during the recruitment process.

The text created by the copywriter is subjected to additional proofreader verification.

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Proprietary copyrights, uniqueness, and keywords

We transfer the property copyrights upon payment of the invoice. We take care to confirm the uniqueness of the created content — before we send it to you, not only does it go through the process of correction but is also verified by an anti-plagiarism program.

We also select the right keywords, plan topics and headlines, and put ready-made content on the client’s platform.



  • high-quality, unique content,
  • correction service,
  • anti-plagiarism tool verification,
  • free correction of the service,
  • reliable reports and data,
  • transfer of copyrights to the texts,
  • punctuality,
  • effectiveness.

Who realizes your commissions?

We write more than 11 million characters per month so that we can create up to several hundred unique descriptions of products and categories or advice articles per month.

Our team consists of experienced copywriters specializing in various industries, with a lot of knowledge in the SEO field. We select the right people for each order, and in the case of larger projects, we create a dedicated implementation team.