A list of frequently asked questions and answers to them.

What services does your company offer?

Conture is a copywriting agency specializing in the creation of the industry, lifestyle, advice, and specialist articles, as well as product and category descriptions and content preparation for websites. We run company blogs and edit expert articles, 

thanks to which both companies and individuals can take care of their excellent image.

We prepare valuable and substantive content considering the SEO and AIDA model. We insert keywords into articles in a natural way to meet the recipient’s expectations and increase the website’s visibility in search engines.

In our offer, you will also find graphics, video creation, and text translation services.

What information do I need to send you to start working on the assignment?

We start cooperation by filling out the order form, in which the client informs us what kind of content we should create – whether it is a text for a website, sponsored article, or unique product descriptions, and what length or style it should be. The form also includes questions about keywords, which are essential from the perspective of your business, and above all, it defines the character of the text, the audience it is targeted at, and the goal it should meet. To the form, you can attach links and the materials, which we should follow during the order implementation.

The form is a signpost for the creative department, thanks to which we can prepare appropriate guidelines, and finally, texts that meet all your requirements.

What if the material prepared by you does not meet my expectations?

You are entitled to 1 free correction. After we send you the finished material, you have three days to assess its compliance with your expectations. If, in your opinion, we have not met them or you see any errors – let us know by e-mail and mark your remarks in the text in the form of comments or a suggestion change mode.

Next, changes and modifications are connected with an additional fee of +30% of the original net price of the text.

Who is responsible for the realization of orders?

The realization of orders is carried out by experienced copywriters who can charm with words and specialize in selected industries, incl. E-commerce, Home & Garden, Beauty & Health, HR & Business, Finance & Banking, Fashion & Design, RTV & AGD. Additionally, proofreaders verify each text, take care of correctness, and eliminate errors. The guarantee of satisfaction with our services is confirmed by the high number of customers returning to our content marketing agency, many characters written every month, or the organizations we work with.

How do you pay?

Most often, we settle for 1000 cws (characters with spaces) or a text of a fixed length, but it also happens that we value order for a project. Tell us what you need, and we will answer you on how we will settle the account for this order.

Can I count on a discount if I order more content or permanent cooperation?

In the case of long-term cooperation or a larger scale order, we offer our clients dedicated packages. 

We approach the valuation of each order individually. If you want to find out what influences the final price – call or write to us. It is also worth reading our tab-price list and getting to know our process – how we work.

What do I have to do to start working with you?

In the beginning, we invite you to talk to us – by phone or e-mail and then fill in the form, thanks to which we will find out your expectations. Tell us what you care about the most and what you want to achieve by working with us.

After completing the order form – we confirm the final price and completion date and start working on the order.

In the case of larger orders or longer cooperation – we sign a contract.

After how many days will I receive my order?

It all depends on the type of order and the number of content to be prepared, as well as the industry and the current processing capacity of our team. We will deliver 10 articles and 20 descriptions faster than an order consisting of 700 product descriptions and 200 categories.

We agree on the implementation dates individually, and you will be informed about them after providing the order details. It is usually about 5-7 working days for individual projects and 14-20 days for larger projects. 

If you care about a swift deadline – let us know. We will see what is possible and try to help.

Do you issue invoices?

Yes, you will receive a VAT invoice from us for the ordered services.

Do you prepare test texts?

If you are interested in a selected area – let us know. We will send you an e-mail with the portfolio that best suits it. If you need additional certainty, we can prepare a sample text for you to show our possibilities in the subject you choose. However, we do not carry out free trial orders – we approach each project individually and engage the appropriate team.

Do you transfer economic copyrights to the content?

The economic copyrights to the content we created pass to you after paying the invoice. Until payment is finalized, we grant you the rights to the content by sending it to you for your evaluation and review of the material before accepting it.


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